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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

We cooked a whole chicken on the new grills rotisserie on New Years Day. It was great, we're still eating it. You know Rufus liked it too.
During these long holiday weekends, DH and I have been catching up on the new movie rental releases. Recently, we've watched 'Wanted', 'House Bunny', and 'Death Race'.

'Wanted' is with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. I always like both of these actors. It's a sort of sci-fi action flick that's pretty good. It's about an ancient fraternity of assassins who follow who the loom tell them to kill. Yes, an actual loom weaves binary code for the names. As always, they could have left out plenty of the curse words and other raunchy scenes still had a good movie, but that's Hollywood. It's a good watch if you're just looking for cool special effects.

House Bunny was a typical no-brainer chick flick. Well, maybe a little guy flick because it was about a girl who got kicked out of the playboy mansion. She finds a not-so-popular sorority and makes them popular in order to save their house. Very predictable, not so entertaining. It's a Happy Madison film, Adam Sandler's company, so there are a few pretty funny lines in it. The main actress is Anna Farris, who also stars in the Scary Movies.

Death Race is actually a remake of a movie from 1975 with Sly Stallone. The original takes place in the future, which was 2000. The newer movie takes place just a few years away, 2012. The main reason we rented this one was for Jason Statham. He's one of my favorite current action stars. He's been in movies like War, Transporter, Crank, Chaos. This movie was definitely action, but had a few yucky blood scenes. Not for the squeamish (I covered my eyes, mom! :) ). Now we've got to check out the original version, which I'm guessing will be less action packed given their limited CGI access back in the 70s. But it can't be that bad if they did a remake 30 years later, right? I've got a free rental at Blockbuster for an older movie anyway, so if it's terrible, we're not out anymore than a couple hours of our lives.

We also watched 'Eagle Eye' last weekend. It was another 'the government is watching you' movie. Ok for a standard action movie. I don't know about Billy Bob Thorton playing a federal agent. I couldn't look at him during the interrogation scene and not think 'french fried taters, mmm hmmm'.

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