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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going to San Diego!

Here we are, this time tomorrow DH and I will be in San Diego, or at least somewhere in Southern CA. Our flight leaves at 6:25am from Daytona and we'll be in San Diego at 10:50am their time. Total, it's about 6.5 hours of flying time. We're really looking forward to it, but will surely miss our pup Rufus. I've still got to pack and bring Rufus to my MIL's where he'll have a grand ole time while we're gone.
When we get in, we'll get our rental (SUV from Avis - got a great deal through Hotwire), and head up the 5 to Oceanside. We'll meet DH's sis on her way out to work and hopefully unpack and take a breather. Then we may go out with DH's sis's husband or some other friends. Hopefully just a relaxing easy night considering all that flying time, the hour we're waking up tomorrow and the 3 hour time change. Note, get some Red Bull on the way to Oceanside!

Saturday DH is going golfing during the day and I may go meet up with some friends who don't live too far away from where we'll be staying. Then Saturday night is THE UFC fight - BJ v GSP. I'm still up in the air over who I'm going for. After watching UFC Primetime, it's obvious how nice of a guy GSP is and how hard he works for this, but if BJ wins, he'll be holding 2 titles which has never been done before. Either way, it'll be nice to watch this on the west coast - it starts at 7am rather than 10pm which is what time we usually watch it. I guess with the time change, my body won't know the difference though.And then Sunday of course is the Superbowl. I don't care who wins this years, we'll just be having a great time at our friend's party. As for the rest of the week, that's when we'll be visiting the attractions. I probably won't post until we get back next weekend, but don't worry, I'll have plenty of pics and blog pages to fill!

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  1. Have a Super & Safe Trip and a nice time on the West Coast! We'll miss you, :-)
    love Aunt Joyce