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Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Bean soup

I have had a nasty stomach bug this whole weekend and it's still here. yuk! I haven't had any of the peanut butter products the FDA has listed that are linked to this other thing going around, so hopefully this isn't that bad and will leave soon. DH had it too for a couple days. That's about all the detail I'm going to give you because as my Aunt in MI would say 'TMI'.
I had a craving for fresh black bean soup today when I left work. Because I didn't have the strength to drive out to the best Mexican place in town, I stopped at the grocery and picked up Goya canned black bean soup (don't tell my mom!). Goya actually makes some pretty good products. I love making homemade black bean soup, but didn't have the energy today. You would think spicy bean soup wouldn't be good for an upset stomach, but it's the opposite for me. Load me up with some spicy salsa and black bean soup and I'm on my way to recovery.

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