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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Rufus came to work with me again today. This is a photo from a few weeks ago when he was 'on the clock'
Friday I went and toured 4 Ever Fitness and last night I had my first work out there. I went arond 6:15 and it was not packed at all. Very nice. Dan, the manager, took me through the circuit strength training and I also put in some time on the stationary bike and treadmill - making sure to keep my heart rate at aerobic level of around 150. I was not tired at all afterward. I'm going tonight to check out the YMCA. The Y will be a little more each month, but they offer the cardio classes that I love such as the pilates class I'm going to tonight. I'll weigh both options and make my decision this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday DH and I worked on house projects including door trim for some of the interior doors and finishing up the base boards. All of the rooms are now finished with the base, and we've just got 4 closets left to do. It's looking great. These are 2 different doors, but same before (first) and after (second). Please excuse the photo quality, I'll get better ones later.

Monday I was in Stuart for business again. That's actually not a bad drive at all. I prefer I-95 to I-4, but more of the business is along the I-4 corridor. Looks like I'll be going south down I-95 again Friday with my MIL to bring Blaze to Miami area so he can fly out to CA on Saturday. Speaking of California, DH and I got our tickets to go out there! We almost got a great deal out of Orlando airport, but I just had to check Daytona airport one more time (even though those flights had doubled since I last checked), and wha-la, flights from Daytona were reasonable! We figured in the $100 for parking if we flew from Orlando, plus the gas, plus the hassle of the busy MCO airport and we decided it was best to go out of Daytona. So, we fly out early early Jan. 30 for a short trip to San Diego. I'm really looking forward to it!

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