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Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend recap

Thursday and Friday of last week were burn out days for me. I've been pretty busy at work, which is a good thing. I wasn't able to go with MIL to bring Blaze down to Miami area for his flight to CA, but everything went well and he's been enjoying his first few days with his new family in CA.

Thursday we had a Sears rep come out to give an estimate for new windows. The more we think about it, the more we think we can just buy the windows of our choosing and install them ourselves into our block openings. If we get in a bind, we could always hire a handyman to help out. That way we can get all vinyl impact windows (if you don't have impact windows in our area and you're getting new windows, you must have shutters, cut and labeled plywood or some other type of hurricane protection). I'll have to do another all about windows post later. We've got a couple more companies coming out this week to give us estimates. This is a double hung window. Most windows these days tilt in for easy cleaning.
Saturday was a rejuvenate day, a much needed relax day. DH neared completion of his re-routing our cable project. Let me just say it seems like hired cable people just run the quickest, easiest job. We found about 4 splitters and more than 50 extra feet of coaxial cable in the attic and around the house. DH ran the cable how it was supposed to be ran (or how we think was best), moved the splitters to inside the attic so they won't be affected by the weather and now we've got crystal clear cable reception.

Sunday my friend Missy came over and cut nearly 5 inches of my hair! It was scary. It's still about down to my shoulder blades in the back, so it's still long. Just will take some getting used to. Must not be too drastic of a change because not many people noticed yet. She also fixed my super dark roots, so I'm back to blond. She's the best! Can't beat catching up with a friend at your house while she does your hair.

In other news - Rufus got out of our backyard yesterday (we left the gate open). We were watching TV and started wondering where he was, since he's usually always hanging out with us. Then DH said the gate may have been left open, so I went to the front door to go outside to look for him and there he was, just smiling and staring in patiently waiting for us to let him in! What a good boy. He got lots of hugs and treats after that one!
We saw a couple movies over the last week or so. Pineapple Express and 7 Pounds. Pineapple Express was one of those movies where you have to be in the mood for it. I stayed awake for the whole thing. Some parts were pretty funny. As slap-stick as the movie was, Seth Rogan and James Franco were actually pretty good.
7 Pounds is with Will Smith, I'll try not to give away any of the movie, but if you don't want to know my opinion of this movie, STOP READING (I personally don't like it when people tell me if they liked or disliked a movie before I see it because as much as I try to not weigh their opinion to mine, I still try to figure out why they came up with their opinion of it - I'd rather see it first, then they can tell me their opinion).

Last chance, remember, don't read this next part if you don't want my opinion of the movie!
For about 3/4 of the movie, DH and I were trying to guess what the movie was about, what the point was, then at the end, it all summed it up. We guessed what it was about, but thought they should have at least hinted a little more about Will Smith's character's motivation. Definitely a heart wrenching tear jerker, so be prepared if you see it. The same director and producing team from Will Smith's earlier life-touching movie The Pursuit of Happiness (which I haven't seen yet!). I always like Will Smith, even back in the Fresh Prince of Bellair days. This movie's kind of slow in places, but Will Smith seems to keep it going. Stick with it, it's a story of sacrifice and redemption. Rosario Dawson is great, as is Woody Harrelson even in the short amount of time he's in the movie. Even after the movie, I couldn't figure out the meaning behind the title. suggests the meaning (don't visit this site if you don't want spoilers, the synopsis explains what the movie is about - that would have kept DH and I front being confused for the first 3/4 but I still don't like to know too much about movies I'm going to see). I just read the mystery behind the trailers and the majority of the movie is intentinoal: Director Gabriele Muccino explained the intent: "The [audience] will not know exactly what this man is up to." Good job on that one :)

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