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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frosty few days

It has been a cold few days here in sunny Florida. See, even our fish mailbox has some frost on him this morning.

We covered most of the plants last night since temps dipped into the 20s. This morning, it looks like some of the ixora shrubs will need some pruning. They had several branches freeze last year too and we just trimmed them back and they were in full bloom again by spring. Everyone else that was covered looks good. The elephant and bananas will need a good pruning too, maybe this weekend if it's gotten any warmer. It's seriously been COLD here! This was the view from the inside of my car this morning. It took about 10 minutes to heat up enough to brush the frost away.
I thought these came out interesting after edits - the first is the original where you can't see too much detail of the 'snow flakes', second is just a brightness edit and third is brightness and contrast levels.

Other than braving the chilly weather, not too much going on here. We're looking forward to our trip to Cali, we leave 1 week from tomorrow!

We had another window guy come over last night. That will be the 3rd window person who sells PGT windows. I've read their reviews and they look like affordable, good quality windows. We've got 1 more coming Saturday and hopefully that's it. We applied for the My Safe Florida Home grant - that would be a nice help for this window reno. With that, we may also get a new garage door and gable braces. It's all about protecting our home from wind come hurricane season. If I had to count, I'd say this guy coming out Saturday will be at least the 7th person we've had out doing estimates. Let's see if I can name them all: Home Depot, Sears, Allied Window Co., Image Built, The Window Shoppe, Budd Severino Homes and this Saturday Window World. I feel like I've forgotten 1 though. So far, Allied has the best installed price, but they're not a participating contractor of My Safe Fl Home, so next up is The Window Shoppe. I haven't seen the numbers from Image Built or Window World yet so we'll see.


  1. Don't you have window scrapers down there? Practically every car up here has one in the backseat or somewhere in the car (North Dakota) :)

  2. you can use a credit card to scrap the wind shield! Brrr, I didn't have frost on my window, but then again I'm further South than 4 miles maybe!