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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

As Seen On TV

We don't watch much late night TV, but with all of the DIY network shows we watch, there seems to be a million infomercials on that channel. I know some of them have to be obvious scams like the belt that's supposed to magically melt away the pounds some of the other interesting products with crazy claims. There are a few that I've wondered about.

One that I know works great is the FoodSaver vacuum sealer for food. I got ours from a friend of mine who didn't cook much so she didn't use it much. It works great (well, I have to press a little harder since I left it on top of my toaster oven and burnt some of the underside). It vacuum seals our meats so we can buy in bulk, freeze individual portions and not worry about freezer burn. I may have to break down and get a newer model to match our stainless appliances and so that I don't have to push down so hard since I melted this one. The newer ones also have a canister sealing option. But for now, it's great! And I only paid $10 for it and about 10 years worth of reusable bags!

If you've seen any infomercials at all, you've heard of or seen Billy Mays. This guy is everywhere. His latest one for ESPN has to be a spoof, but I still don't know. He's got one out for Mighty Putty that looks like it works. It's a pliable putty that you knead and form and it hardens. Now I don't know if I believe it'll replace a chain and hold hundreds of pounds, but I've used similar product and it is good for filling in gaps. DH used it on a cracked car alarm remote, kneaded it, formed it around the part then sanded and painted it and it was good as new. You can also drill through it after it has hardened.

I was looking through an 'as seen on tv' website and noticed I have another infomercial product that I love - my microfiber cleaning slippers! I got them from Bed Bath and Beyond shortly after we finished our hardwood floors. They're great for house slippers plus they pickup dust bunnies while you walk around the house. I have the pink ones :) I've also got the Magic Bullet which is a wonderful little food processor or quick mixed drink maker. Thanks to my aunt Joyce for that one, she bought one and got one free and was sweet enough to give me the 2nd one. I've used that thing so many times - alfredo sauce, chop onions, quick queso or salsa, and of course margaritas!

A couple of products I've thought about getting at BBB are Space Saver bags which you vacuum seal and compress linens or clothing and also the Debbie Meyer green bags which are supposed to keep your produce fresher longer. Oh, and I can't forget the commercial that always gets stuck in my head - Shamwow, you'll be saying wow every time. There are a ton of knock offs of these towels at the Flea Market that I may have to try out. Their commercial says beware of imitators though...And of course the Snuggie. The huge fleece blanket with arms. DH pointed out something funny on one of their commercials, they say it's one size fits all and near the end, they show a group in the stands at a ball game and the little kid with the snuggie on is struggling to get his/her hands out of the arm holes.

Anyone use any of these, or have any other 'as seen on tv' favorites or dislikes?


  1. LOL I like the Snuggle commercial also. The ending is cute. Looks very cozy but I can't imagine someone bringing it to a ball game. Oh and I have to get a pair of those slippers! Do they really work? I'm so happy you are getting a lot of use from the Magic Bullet. That was a wonderful invention!
    Aunt Joyce

  2. I purchased some of the Space Saver bags to store linens and such in while our home was under construction. Only 1 of the 3 held pressure for longer than 5 minutes. My mother-in-law had the same results. They're terrible.