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Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen part 2

After long delay, here is the other side of our kitchen as it currently stands. The first view it taken standing near our interior door to go out to the garage. The large countertop area with the bar stools opens up into the den (and our nice new furniture!) This second photo is with me standing just behind the archway that you see in the first photo. This is where the dining room is.
A few things I do like about the kitchen:
Open feel
Especially as the house was built in 1979, previous owners changed the cabinets, so may have opened the layout.
That work triangle/square is there in this galley style kitchen, flows very well. I also like the countertop bar area, which we may raise up during the reno to make about a 8-10 inch bar area a few inches higher and seperate from the countertop area on the side by the cabinets.
Of course! All are new except the microwave which will be replaced when we get new cabinets
Window over the sink
I can look out into the patio and onto the yard.
I actaully like this sink. It's Kitchenaid and made with some heavy duty material. Not glazed porcelin. I can clean it easily with bleach and any marks from pots and pans disappear with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which I highly recommend!)
Cabinet drawers and slides
These cabinets are cheaply made, but one good thing they did was to get the pull out drawer shelves in all of the larger base cabinets. That makes it easy to find what you're looking for - I don't have to get on me knees and reach to the back for that turkey baster I use a handful of times a year. The slide mechanisms are also pretty smooth.

Break time for some photos.
Not too crazy about this backsplash or tile countertop, but like cabinets, sink, appliances and lighting.I've thought about this. If we raise our ceiling to match the den ceiling height, we could add more small cabinets like this, but then it may take away from the open feel.

Now some issues I have with the kitchen as it is:
Quality of the cabinets
Like I said, cheaply made. Maybe good for 10 years max. I've got several places where there's wood shavings from the shelves falling apart.
Laminate. The color is good for hiding dirt, but I'd rather see the dirt so I can clean it and not just let it sit there because it's hiding :) Also would like to be able to cut on the countertop and place pans on it. Just funcionality.
Don't get confused, I said I like where the window is. We're getting all of the windows replaced in the house. (original single pane aluminum windows are NOT energy effecient)
There is none. When we moved in, my dear friend Missy helped us take down the gastly floral wallpaper and we decided on this cheerful buttercream yellow. I still like a shade of yellow, I may just tone it down or go more tan depending on how it goes with the new cabinets. Yellow just says 'wake up' to me - nice for a kitchen.
You can't see it in these photos, but there's a huge (maybe 3x3ft light in the middle of the kitchen. This is one of those tube type lights. It gives off A LOT of light which is good to see, but not too flattering. I'd probably like to go with recessed or track lighting and maybe some under or in-cabinet lighting also.

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