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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In one of last weeks blogs I mentioned how I like large sinks. I've been checking out farmhouse style sinks, sometimes also called apron sinks. I was surprised to find they make stainless versions. I had always seen the standard glazed porcelain or whatever material they are. I don't know if the stainless apron will be too much stainless being right next to the dishwasher (I'd probably keep the appliances in the same places for the remodel).

Here's a couple examples of a stainless single tub (no divider between the sides, what is that for anyway, I keep moving the dishes from one side to the other!) next to a stainless look dishwasher. I could almost bathe Rufus in that thing! The only issue would be lifting his 100 lb. butt up that high :) The first photo has cabinets close to what we're looking to get.
One important feature we would have to check if we did go with stainless farmhouse would be that it was fingerprint resistant, like our other appliances.
Or we could go with the standard white, which may not look too bad since the sink is below the window and the new window frame will be white.
This photo shows the white farmhouse sink under the window like ours would be. Also has the semi-dark cabinets that I like (I actually like a little darker I think). I've got a lot of spices and am always thinking of new ways to efficiently store them. This shallow cabinet on the side is a neat idea, although I would definitely have some type of cover or doors over that because all of those different jars not matching would bug me right away. If all of the spices were in matching jars, that may look nice there. Anyway, focus on the sink in this photo. The counter top brownish shade may be nice too.

Or we could just go with a larger (36 or 30 inch) single bowl stainless sink. (bonus for stainless, rub your hands on it to help remove food smells like garlic and onion, and it would match our appliances).
I'm not too big of a fan of this first one. The rounded corners just make it look strange to me. But it is a big stainless single bowl sink. It's Lovello.

I love these next two. The 'zero radius' corners just make it look so deep (all 3 of these stainless bowls are about 10 inches deep). I like the dark counter top on the second one.
This shows that stainless sink along with the Adel Medium Brown cabinets from Ikea that I like. I'm not that into the green back splash, but do like the lighting. This is similar to the layout of one side of our kitchen.

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  1. wow, you sure do your research! I like the first picture cabinets, very nice :-) The sink is neat also. But like you say, would that be too much stainless to the eye. The rectangle insert ones are very nice.