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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feels like Antartica!

Ok, so this isn't actually me, but this is how I'd like to be dressed right now. (the photo is actually Wisconsin native Heimo Korth who started a life in Alaska and now lives 1301 miles north of the Artic Circle - interesting story

Granted, Heimi probably regularly sees negative temperatures, and it 'felt like' 36 deg F here today at noon, I still wouldn't mind layers upon layers of warm clothes.

I had a chriopractor appt. yesterday and then went grocery shopping (still love our new Publix) and then I came home to a wonderful dinner DH made for us! He had it plated and sitting in the warming drawer and all - how romantic and so thoughtful. And it was good too! Sole (a light fish) with scallop and crabmeat suffing, potatoes au gratin and cheesy broccoli (this is a web pic of the stuffed sole).

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