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Thursday, April 23, 2009

60 years

I know it's been forever since my last post, but today is a special day - it's my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. I talked to my grandma today and she said she picked the right one. Then she always follows that up with 'and they said it wouldn't last'. She's French Canadian and he's Italian. They met on a blind date for New Year's Eve, Dec. 1948. My grandpa was 21 and fresh out of the Navy I think. He was home reconnecting with old friends and a buddy of his and invited him out for the night on a double date.

I'm not too sure if this next story is from their first date, but I think it is - he went to pick my grandma up, he mom answered the door and he saw my grandma in curlers. She said she'd be ready soon and he said he needed to go for a walk for some air. My grandma thought he wouldn't come back. He had grown up with many sisters, so seeing a girl in curlers was not a favorite site. Thankfully, he came back and they had a great time out. They were married 4 months later on April 23, 1949. I'm sure they've had their share of issues over the years, but like my grandma always says, 'it's teamwork' that holds everything together.

I always find it kind of interesting that DH and I met in a similar way. He was fresh out of the Marines, home reconnecting with friends. I was taking a semester off of college and agreed to go out on a blind date (DH still swears he didn't know it was a date). The first real test was that we went out to a steakhouse for dinner. I don't eat steak, but he LOVES it. And we still liked each other after that :) We're on our way to 60 years + together. Hard to believe our 4 year anniversary is coming up in August.

Here are my grandparents enjoying the beach out on 'the boat' on April 4.