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Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend recap 1

Friday DH and I headed over to Orlando around 3pm. There wasn't too much traffic, which was nice. We checked into our hotel and headed over to Hooters for dinner. Yum! We had hot breaded wings and also Daytona Beach breaded wings which were interesting. It's a sweet and spicy sauce that's put on the wings after they're fried, then it's all finished on the grill. Very messy, but good. Then it was off to Magic Kingdom. Here's the entrance to the parking (which is now $12!)We rode the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom. The park was packed, but everything was organized so it didn't feel that way. We made our way over to Tomorrowland and waited about 10 minutes to ride Buzz Lightyear. That ride is great, but hopefully they'll update it with the improvements they designed into Toy Story at MGM/Hollywood Studios. Then we waited about another 10 minutes to ride Space Mountain, my favorite ride. I got to sit in the front and loved it! Then to TTA and the rest of the park. The longest listed wait time was 20 minutes, but I don't think we ever waited more than 10 minutes. It was great. All of the kids must have been at the Christmas shows and parades. After several cheesy rides in Fantasyland, we headed over to Frontierland for Thunder Mtn RR and Splash Mtn. Just after the big drop on Splash Mtn, we saw the fireworks were starting. We walked over to near the Jungle Cruise waters and watched the amazing fireworks show. The whole production was set to music and the finale, oh, what a finale! The main fireworks were over the castle, but during the finale, the whole park was surrounded with fireworks. It was amazing!

At designated areas throughout the park they offered complimentary refreshments which included apple juice, apple slices, sugar cookies with sprinkles and delicious hot coco with marshmallows. (who knew marshmellows were spelled with an A?).
We saw the 10:30 parade which started with Micky and Minnie and a big Christmas tree, and had all the beloved Disney Characters. My favorites were the gingerbread men adn the toy soldiers. (these 2 aren't my pics, most of mine didn't come out too well. These actually came from a website for Disneyland's parade
And then came Santa! Jolly as ever.

Saturday we went to Ikea and then came home to Rufus! I baked cookies for a cookie party which I'll tell about in tomorrow's blog.

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  1. I am about to cry! My favorite place in the world aside from my home, and my husbands chest. We have been to Disney World twice and I want to go for Christmas so badly, but my family is "DISNEYED OUT", how can that be?