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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

It's been a busy couple of days!
Here's Rufus with some of his Christmas presents - the first basket is from Aunt Joyce and Beans. Ruf took an immediate liking to the stuffed Santa. I actually took a couple pics of the basket and then noticed Santa was missing. And Ruf's name is even on the bucket! The cute gift bucket came with furry stuffed Santa, country bacon flavored biscuits, a rope ball, 3 tennis balls and waste disposal baggies with dispenser! We haven't opened the tennis balls yet, but the Santa and rope ball have already been thrown all around the house! Thanks Aunt Joyce and Beans!
And here's Rufus with his gift package from Kelly and Kodi in Virginia. For those of you that know Rufus, you can appreciate these 2 photos seeing Rufus actually sort of posing. It took several takes! Kelly and Kodi sent Ruf a big toy rubber stick with ladybugs and another beetle on it - great for fetch, also a neat Frisbee with a hole in it that I think is one of Kodi's favorite toys, Ruf's all time fav rope tire, some treats - stuffed rawhide and a cute gingerbread man and a stuffed brown poodle from the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Thanks Kelly and Kodi!
DH got a new grill today. I'll be posting pics of Christmas for the next couple of days. See more pics of Ruf and his presents here
Thanks to everyone for a great Christmas!

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  1. awahh, Rufus looks so cute in his pictures! I'm sure he knows he is a special puppy! I just couldn't resist the bucket with his name. The disposal bags I figure you can keep for whenever you might go someplace that requires those type of things!