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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at our families houses and weekend recap

This what what we first saw when we went out our front door Christmas Day. We called them Christmas birds. They were in our front yard picking out worms and grubs out of a brown patch in our yard that just won't go away. Maybe it's filled with bugs and that's why it won't grow. I think you can see one of the birds in action with a catch on the right of the pic. I'm easily amused, so I sat and watched them for a while. Interesting characters.
After breakfast and presents at our house, DH and I went over to my grandparents house for a visit. We brought them a photo of the 4 of us at our wedding. I just love this photo.
Then it was home for a Christmas nap. DH and I played a few rounds of our new wii games and took a nice long nap while it poured rain outside. I baked some white chocolate and cranberry cookies which came out pretty flat from all the moisture in the air. Then it was off to the inlaws houses. It was an exchange of gift cards at DH's moms. We got them Lowes and Woodys BBQ and they got us Home Depot (which went towards DH's grill) and Bed Bath and Beyond which went towards this new hobby -
We started our first batch yesterday. It's going to take 2 weeks in the keg to ferment, then we bottle it and wait 2-3 weeks for carbonization, then another couple of weeks for conditioning. DH's sis also sent us packages which included another BBB gift card for me and an Omaha Steaks GC for DH.

Then it was off to DH's dads house for Christmas dinner. Ham, turkey, mashed, sweet, corn, peas, there was soo much food! And presents! DH got a cerftificate to play golf at LPGA course, we got some things for the house and I got lots of good smelling Bath and Body Works items, candles (Partylite Mango Tangerine Present Jar which smells WONDERFUL!), wine and more.
I called my parents after we had finished at the inlaws and they had cooked and taken dinner over to my grandparents house which I'm sure my grandparents really appreciated. It was getting late, so we ended up meeting up Saturday. My parents got DH a gift card to Publix so he could get some fresh steaks and they paid for me to get my car windows tinted which I had been putting off getting for so many years already. DH and I finally went Saturday morning and the guy was finished in less than 30 minutes! I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Saturday was a relax day to get ready for the UFC fight. DH smoked a brisket. I went out to BBB to meet my parents then ate at Tijuana Flats with them and brought DH dinner home. I managed to stay awake for some of the fight. I was awake to see Rashad Evans win over Forrest. Hopefully Forrest can take it back some time. I'm a Forrest fan. We ended up watching the fights again Sunday morning. I can't believe Frank Mir knocked out Nogueira! All of the fights were great. I just hope Brighthouse gets PPV HD for the next one. Sunday was another relaxing day - grocery shopping and laundry.

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  1. I have some of those birds visiting my lawn also! They are so cute, I normally will wait until they walk past the driveway to the neighbors before I leave in the morning so I don't scare them.