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Friday, December 5, 2008

The start of the season

Today is Friday! We've got DH's company Christmas party tonight, so I've got to leave work a little early to get ready and be there around 6:30. It's at the oceanside Hilton. I think they're expecting somewhere between 300-500 people. I think their company's up to around 150 employees plus all of their families. DH has to work this weekend, so we won't stay out too late partying. Yeah, if you know us, you know we're not really partiers. Or dancers. But the food's good :)

Since we've begun the Christmas season, I thought I'd show any pics I've taken of our Christmas trees.
Below is our first ever Christmas tree as a married couple, 2005. It was a live tree that made our tiny apartment smell wonderful. I think we used net lighting and just wrapped the tree - easy!
Here's our first Christmas in our house, 2006. This is a live tree too. This was Rufus' first Christmas. Look how little he was here!! He was 4-1/2 months old here...awww!! I think we put more ornaments on the tree that year. Looks like it's just got clear lights and of course bubble lights in this pic. Man, I still can't believe our Ruf was ever that small.
And here's our tree from last year, 2007. This tree below is an artificial tree that we got from Walmart after 2006's Christmas. I think we paid about $25 for it (regular $80). It's about 6.5 ft. tall and is pre-lit with nice clear lights. We used this tree again this year. It's so easy - just snap the 3 pieces together, plug them up and hang our ornaments. There's only 1 present under our tree so far this year, and it's not even wrapped. Actually, it's just an empty box of a remote digital thermometer I got for DH so he can monitor his grilling and smoking. Seeing this pic makes me think of the nice, cold tile days. Ok, it wasn't nice tile (in the photo), well, not nice to us and I'm so glad to have our laminate flooring in!
Ok, so this isn't one below is not one of our Christmas trees, but it's one we saw while we were over in Orlando last year. We went over for a weekend before Christmas and ate at Shula's Steakhouse in Disney's Dolphin Resort. In case you're thinking about it, skip Shula's. It was dark (yeah, too dark for a 25 year old's eyes), the food was wayyy overpriced for the quality (I'm ok with paying $50 for a good steak or fresh seafood, but it wasn't worth it), and there were many-a-crying children. The Dolphin was decorated nicely though. This huge tree is actually made of poinsettias. It's probably 30-40 ft. tall. This year we've got tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on 12/19 which I'm very excited about! (they sold out last year before we got tickets)


  1. YOU won...need your email though, sorry to leave a comment this way..

    Hardware help...You all gave great advice! Send me your mailing address and I will try to have a lill something special their before the holiday!

  2. Aw, cute little Rufus! Fun to see the evolution of your trees.