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Monday, December 29, 2008

Kitchen part 1

After visiting Ikea last week, my mind's been on renovating our kitchen. It's a galley style kitchen. Here's the south wall and Rufus of course. The door is to our pantry. I had thought of adding pull out drawers on this but because of the lip on the door inside, I would have lost about 5 inches total of shelf space. The pantry itself is only about 2 ft. deep and I've got it very organized, so it's not a problem to see everything and I like my extra 5 inches per shelf. Next to that is a small 12 inch countertop, then our wonderful Frigidaire double range.

The range that was in the house when we bought it was an older range, which did have smooth top but the broiler didn't work and it was white. DH and I got this range for a great price just before Thanksgiving 2007. The oven is convection and has a speed bake feature where you don't even have to preheat the oven. I can turn it on, put cookies in and 10 minutes later, they're perfect. The lower oven which is usually where the warming drawer is, is still a warming drawer (low to high setting), but is also a fully functioning oven (up to 450 deg). And expandable burners. This cames in handy when we have company over. Next to that is another 12 inch countertop area (cabinets on the top of both this and the other 12 incher).

Then our fridge (insert ahhhh's and celestial music here). The fridge we had before is here on the left. It worked just fine except when you tried to open the freezer door on the left, it hit into the wall and the pull-out freezer shelves were useless because they couldn't fully extend. We ended up giving it to a couple that really needed it. We found our new fridge through Craigslist for about 1/3 of the price it was at Home Depot. It's LG french door and I can open all of the doors and pull out all of the shelves. The only thing I first missed about the old fridge was how excited little puppy Rufus would get when he would hear the ice maker. He used to love to chase ice cubes around the house. The LG fridge has an ice maker, but it's in the freezer. Ruf isn't as interested in ice cubes now which is good because we have the hard wood floors and melting ice cubes aren't good for wood floors.

When we redo the cabinets, we'll get an over the range microwave - either one of these Frigidaire models. The microwave we have right now is amazing (something like 1200 watts!), it just doesn't fit the kitchen look. And the thing it's sitting in is a vent shelf sort of thing that is cool because it holds my cookie sheets and cutting boards too but it's just a pain to keep clean and kind of ackward looking. The one on the right is a newer style with the controls on the door (model PLBMV188HC, one on left is model PLMV178HC). It's about $100 more for that style and the only other difference is it's only 0.1 cu. ft. larger. I haven't seen the newer one in real life so I haven't decided on which one I like better. Hey, they may even come out with a new one by the time we're ready to get it.

That's 1 side of our kitchen. Who know about 12 ft. of a room could be such a chatter topic? Join me tomorrow for side 2!

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  1. Rufus looks like he is trying to be the tour guide during your 'talk' of the kitchen! Next time maybe you can write it like he is showing people around!