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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

“Rumble in Race Town”

Just guess how romantic our next Valentine's Day will be....we just found out there will be an MMA event at our Ocean Center here in Daytona on Feb. 14, 2009. Yeah, we'll probably go. Xtreme Cage Fighting's (XCF) “Rumble in Race Town” is a new event on the night before the Daytona 500 (Nascar racing). There will already be a million people in town. Maybe we can have a nice dinner at Hyde Steakhouse across the street and then head over to the event. We'll see...

Yesterday was your typical Monday after a holiday weekend - pretty quiet. I went to our lovely new Publix at lunch time for our weekly grocery shopping. I'm starting to think Publix really isn't that much more expensive than Walmart for grocery items. You get what you pay for and the quality at Publix is consistent. I'll probably start buying more than just meat and produce from Publix, but stick with the paper items (TP, soap, etc) at Walmart or Target. The whole experience at Publix is so much nicer. Less people, more helpful, smiling associates, better quality products. I'm finding it's worth the extra $5-10.

Last night I drove my mom to her church dinner (car battery was out) and came home to a house full of icicle lights! DH went up on the roof after he got home and hung all the lights. Beautiful!
In other news, the newest Will Farrell movie comes out for rent today. I'll be going to Blockbuster in an hour or so to make sure we have it for this weekend. DH is a big Will Farrell fan. I think he would have been invited to our wedding had we had his address. I like him too. John C. Reilly is pretty funny too, but I can't help but think of him in Chicago the movie whenever I see him. "Cellophane, Mister Cellophane, been my name, Mister Cellophane, 'Cause you can look right through me, Walk right by me, And never know I'm there...Never even know I'm THERE". I'm a Broadway fan too.
Note - we loved the movie!

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