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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas presents at our house!

Christmas day started out with our little puppy Rufus and his presents that he's been patiently staring at under the tree for weeks! Gifts from Kelly and Kodi, Aunt Joyce and Beans and some money in a card from his 'real' mom and dad up in MN at his breeders house - money for a big bone! Tes, the breeder, is so thoughtful, she's done this every Christmas for Rufus.

Then it was a couple big boxes for me. Weathertech Digital Fit floor liners and a cargo mat for my Explorer. Now I have very little excuse for not keeping my car clean. These mats are digitally cut for each make and model so that they fully fit every nook and cranny. The cargo mat sure beats the cardboard box I had been using! These are stock photos of the items, I'll get real ones later.Then it was a couple stocking stuffers for DH - jerky, fancy mixed nuts, hot sauces and steak sauces galore and some wii games - AMF Bowling Pinbusters which is either going back to the store or on craigslist (not good at all, stick with wii bowling), Game Party wich is great with darts, ski ball, beer pong and other games, and then an old school racing game Cruizin, yeah, like at the arcades. The later 2 games are great. I'd even like Game Party 2 (Bean Bags, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Puck Bowling, Quarterback Challenge, Trivia, Hoop Shoot, Ping Cup, Shuffleboard, Skillball, Darts) and maybe Hasbro's Family Game Night which is digital versions of old school board games like Boggle, Yahtzee, Battleship, Sorry, and Connect Four. That may be the only way to get DH to play boardgames. We've also got Carnival Games, Active Life Outdoor Challenge, My Fitness Coach and Cooking Mama Cookoff on our list of games to get.

DH is also going to get me a membership to one of our local gyms. We just got a new Planet Fitness which sounds very affordable but is a long drive away. Golds Gym is close, but intimidates me. It's up to the YMCA or 4-Ever Fitness which are both within walking distance. 4-Ever Fitness is smaller and has less people than the Y, but the Y has cardio classes. I'm hoping 4-Ever added cardio classes when we go to tour. So if we go with 4-Ever, this is what I'll be seeing most of for the next several months.
We spent most of Friday shopping for a grill for DH. If you know us, you'll know we already have 2 grills. 1 is a Fiesta which was from his Marine Corp days when he lived in CA and it's still working great. And the other he has was a hand me down from a family friend that he could use as a smoker until he got his actual smoker. The 2nd one is a small Kenmore grill which we'll probably keep for when we get a camper. It's small enough to transport easily. So, we now have a wall-o-cookers where our hot tub used to be. Left to right, Fiesta, Brinkman smoker, Kenmore. Don't forget there's still a turkey fryer out there too.
So after Port Orange Home Depot, Sears, HHGreggs, Daytona Home Depot we were back to PO Home Depot and got this Charmglow 5-Burner Stainless Steel with Rotisserie. Total grilling area of 926 square inches which is ridiculous for 2 people. Side burner, slid out drawer, sear feature, slide out trash bin, and more! We had hamburgers and turkeyburgers on it last night - tasty! This first photo shows how it fits in the place of where the other 2 grills were (they're behind it in this photo). And in the 2nd photo, the new grill in it's new home. The extra propane take (yes, we have 4!) is actually connected to a orange hose flame thrower which DH uses to quick start the coals in the smoker. I think it's actually supposed to be used for burning weeds or something I'm sure is equally dangerous.


  1. Golly, you guys are game- and grill-crazy! Sounds like you got some fun loot. How sweet of Rufus' breeder to remember him. You'll love those car mats.

    Happy New Year!

  2. WOW that Grill looks neat! I'll take my burger, well done with swiss and onion please! And those mats are cool! Where is 4 ever? I'm going to check that web site after I send this! Gotta get in shape!