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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's the day

Today's the day of the official start of my blogging. I guess the whole idea of blogging isn't anything new, I'm just late to jump on the bandwagon. Journal writing was never really my thing and as I'm getting older, I think it would be nice to have accounts of the events of my life to look back on one day.

I'm planning on using this blog as a place to jot down a few lines of the day's events, possibly my opinions on current events, DIY home projects in process or in thought, and of course updates on life with my wonderful husband and our pup Rufus. I'll probably use the reflection blogging format, the daily post will be notes of the previous day's happenings and current opinions. Maybe this blog will help motivate me to get into photography more, with the idea that I need pics of the day to post here. I'd like that, but we'll see how it actually turns out a few months down the road.

Here are a couple pics to start out the blog.
First is DH and I on our wedding day 08/20/05, and second is our standard poodle pup Rufus.

So ok, let's just start with Nov. 1 Saturday.

Another beautiful weekend in FL. We made our way to Home Depot to purchase more items for our fun moulding project. We did find a good deal on 'pro-packs' of base moulding for about $55 each which includes about 120 linear feet of nice decorative wood, primed and ready for semi-gloss paint. We went through the first 2 packs a few weekends back, finishing most of the house - started in the den, did the kitchen, entry, living room and a little of our bedroom. Gosh, it looked soo much better. This last pack should cover the rest of our bedroom, all the closets and the office and guest bedroom. I am so glad we threw out the base moulding from the previous owner. There would have been no amount of Kiltz paint that could have really sealed away that nasty nicotine stain and smell. (the state of the house when we bought it would have been a good no-smoking campaign if I ever saw one! So gross what it did to the house, can't imagine what it does to the body. If you're going to smoke, please think of the people that may live in your house one day and smoke outside!)

We also decided to redo the door casings. They had kits which included precut casings and the square blocks, but at $15 each for the interior doors, we decided to get pro-packs of the casings for $35 and purchase the decorative square corner blocks separately since we're redoing both sides of all of the doors in the house. We're also going to replace the interior doors with nice 6 panel style doors. The look we're going for is actually in this week's Home Depot ad. Just overlook the paneling on the walls and this is how our place should look soon :)
We painted those and the new pack of base moulding and will probably work on that this weekend. We did get a nice casing for the interior of the main entry door. My husband (DH) nailed that in and I puttied and painted it and it makes the entry look 100x nicer! Now I've just got to decide on a paint color for that wall, change out the entry light and get some different shelving for the brick wall and it will be all done!

Saturday was DH's dad's birthday, so we went out to Stonewood for a nice dinner. It was ok. The service has been better other times we've gone there, but maybe it lacked because this was a Saturday night. The food was good, and everyone enjoyed it so that worked out.

Sunday was the day we actually did the entry door casing, many many loads of laundry and relaxed a bit.

Monday I had another chiropractor appt. Back in June of this year, Rufus and I were at Petsupermarket to get his food. A bulldog, or some breed similar was being pushed in a shopping cart when he/she jumped out of the cart (wasn't wearing a leash, which is store policy) and came running at us. Rufus pulled quickly to protect me and I guess I threw my right foot forward to brace myself and totally twisted my lower back. The next day I was in really bad pain (not used to these types of pain yet at just 26!!). So went to the phone book and found a chiropractor who was close to my work. I went that day and OH MY! It helped that very day! I went back several times the following weeks and now I'm down to monthly visits. She's also been helping with my popping jaw which my dentist and orthodontist said couldn't be fixed without surgery, so that's a bonus! (The right side of my jaw started popping about 2 years ago just out of the blue, it was slightly painful but more annoying and now the chiropractor's helped minimize the popping and discomfort).

I stopped at KFC to get DH dinner since I had my mom's monthly church dinner to go to. Got home, went out to Ormond for the dinner, and got back home around 7:15. The first Monday of the month is Dog Night at Ritter's our local ice cream shop, so Rufus and I went over there for his ice cream and some socializing. There weren't many dogs there at all, so we only stayed about 30 minutes and came home. Then it was relax time finally! Or so I thought. Prison Break was back on last night at 9pm and I get so nervous watching that show. It's been that way since the beginning of that series, but I love watching it anyway.

So that gets us caught up for the month of November. I still can't believe it's November already!

Today's election day. We'll go vote at our library after work. And tomorrow our country will be aimed in a new direction and that's all I'm going to say about that.

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