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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Personal shopper

I stopped at Bealls last night on my way home to get DH some new shoes. I used to enjoy shopping at Bealls, but it seems like that place is always swarmed with older women visiting from up north that have all the time in the world. Maybe I'll try to go there around 8pm next time, that should be past their bed time :)
We are getting more shopping options around here which is nice - Kohls and Ross so far. Soon I won't even have to travel outside of PO for some good shopping.

I had already picked out the shoes I was going to get him (and they were on sale!). They didn't have his size, so I checked out their BOSS system. I ordered the shoes on that, got the sale price, and it was free shipping to our house. They should arrive within 3-5 business days. If they don't fit, we can return them at any Bealls store. Easiest shoe shopping I've ever done. (photo from

While I was at the counter ordering the shoes on their computer, a lady brought a cart full of clothes up the the register and started unloading them on to the counter. She started piling them up saying 'I don't want these', 'Check the price on these', 'These are on sale, make sure they ring up at the sale price'. I just couldn't believe her! I glanced at the cashiers expression and it seemed as though this was typical for her. It's one thing to give the cashier 1 or 2 items that you don't wish to purchase rather than just putting them back someplace where they don't belong, but a whole pile, come on. Yeah, I'll definitely go later next time.

I got home and fixed honey ham, potato and cheese pieorgies and fresh steamed green beans for dinner and then it was relax time.
Today's been a long day. I'm pretty glad the weekend's almost here.

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