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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hump Day

Here we are Wed. Nov. 5, day after election day...

I'm not really one that likes to speak out about my political or religious views, but I will say I am glad the election is over. I did enjoy the SNL skits, but all of those ads were just getting to me! And I hate to say it, as much as everyone loves Obama right now, after a couple years in office, the honeymoon phase will wear off and people will need to find someone to gripe about, and there our president will be. Maybe that won't happen this time, I'm just thinking about most of the past presidents. I was getting pretty confused with some of the broadcasts last night. Each one was trying to predict each result before the other. On one network, there were so many different title bars with so much information, it was almost hard to read it all, even on our 50+ inch TV. It was nice to see the rest of the world so excited about our country again.

I got home around 5:30 and DH and I walked over to our voting precinct. We walked right in, voted and we were in and out in less than 15 minutes. We both had previously marked and brought our sample ballots, so that helped when we were filling out our real ballots. I don't know how or why some people go vote without studying what they're voting for before hand. I think the lady that was next to me was reading the proposed amendments or something on the ballot for the first time. Oh well, at least she was voting. Or is an uneducated voter really better than one who doesn't vote at all.
Here's our voting location, our local library (photo from

I do really enjoy the location of our neighborhood. Right from our back fence, we can take a short walk to the library, City Center, a nice lake, amphitheater, the police office, and the city rec fields. It's especially nice when there's an event at the city center because we don't have to worry about fighting for or finding parking. And we can catch the city's fireworks from our back yard. During the summer concert series, we can open our windows and listen to the bands playing in the nearby amphitheater. At first I thought this was annoying, but I've grown to like it. If I don't want to hear it, I can just go inside.

Today being hump day, is the day Winn Dixie releases their weekly sale ads. I will be so happy when our Publix re-opens in a few weeks, but Winn Dixie has been pretty good with their meat specials while Publix has been going through renovations.

DH is getting into smoking, so I got a boston pork butt for him to smoke this weekend. I'm not a pork eater, but I do like pulled chicken, so I may have to try some of this one. He's also going to make more of his own special recipe bbq sauce. We will have to go up to SC one day and get some mustard based sauce from Duke's bbq, but until then, I like his. I guess our weekend will look like this.

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