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Friday, November 14, 2008


Friday already? I love it when this day just sneaks up.

I finally got to take some pics of our recent gardening progress. But first, let me show you what Rufus did when he saw me bringing the camera out to the back yard. He ran and I think he may have thought he was hiding behind the oak tree...Precious little pup! Hard to believe he's almost 2-1/2 already.

On to the plants...
Let's start with before and afters of parts of the back yard.

The 'before/first' pics were taken mid-June of this year.

The 'after/second' taken just yesterday, 11/13/08.

The before and afters of the pool area show how much we did last weekend. (well, DH actually planted all of the agapanthus (lily of the nile) while Rufus and I were visiting my MIL).

In the banana tree area, we started out with just 5 banana trees from my MIL and they've grown and sprouted another 3 or 4 more already. The elephant ear plant is also doing very well (also from my MIL). The first few weeks with that one were rough. It just wilted and I didn't know if it would last. Then with all of our summer rains and hurricane storms, it strengthened and now it looks great.

Hopefully we'll put another dent in it all this weekend and next week I can focus the blog on the specific plants we have and how to care for them all (I'll work on the research for that this weekend!)


  1. Aw, Rufus is such a cutie! Your plants are amazing! So tropical. Nothing like that in Denver, except in pots!

  2. Your Rufus is so adorable! Okay, now that I've found your blog (through Joyce and your comment on my blog) I've already discovered two things you have that I covet...your dog and your location. Thanks for stopping by my blog!