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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We ended up having chicken curry last night, equally as warm and spicy as the shrimp would have been, but my mom made this and who couldn't resist a meal made by someone else! This photo is actually from another blogger Sarah where we got the recipe from, her food photos are always so pretty. Good job on this recipe Sarah, my mom's made this several times now and we love it every time! Check out Sarah's site for great ideas and wonderful photos of her experiences in the kitchen.
So it's shrimp tonight. What I really have a taste for is rock shrimp. But today we're just having plain shrimp. Maybe with that cajun seasoning. I just found out Aunt Catfish's here in town has rock shrimp on their menu, so we may need to try that soon. The other 2 places I knew about are further away, JB's Fishcamp and Dixie Crossroads. If you like seafood and haven't tried rock shrimp, you must get in your car now and drive to Dixie Crossroads. Do it now. These little shrimp are SO delicious. You can have them cooked several ways, my fave is broiled or steamed. They taste like lobster, but better in my opinion. Check out this site to read the below photo more clearly
In other news - I'm on the search for a salt jar. If you ever watch the Food Network, you see most chefs have salt on their table in a little jar. One - I'd like to know what type of salt that is, it seems pretty course, but not as course as kosher salt, and Two - I want a countertop salt jar! Not that I use salt much at all, but it's cuter than the salt container from the grocery. I've seen a few I like, but I'm picky. The Neeley's on Food Network have a pig jar which is cute, but not for me. Paula Deen has a simple dish which is cute too. This is probably something like what I look for. Simple and traditional and plain. Or maybe I'll surprise you and try this one. This white piggy is cute, but probably too mis-match for me. I think it's actually a planter. And I just don't know if I like pigs in my kitchen. But now that I'm thinking about it, it's plain enough being white and having clean lines and not much detail that I may venture off and try it. Maybe they have different shapes or something less pig-like. Suggestions?

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