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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The power of a praying mother! (and every health antidote known to man)

Well, with the help of God, my chriopractor and Dr. Mom, I'm on the way to recovery. My head and neck have been pretty sore all day, but sore is soo much better than the throbbing pain of that headache!

My mom, who constantly prays for our family every day, made sure to pump me with all natural products to help speed up the recovery. She's so sweet. She sliced up grapefruit this morning, gulped it down so fast I forgot to get a pic, then bowls of sliced strawberries and blueberries topped with organic honey, again, so good, no pic to show. But it looked just like this and after is what's left of the blueberries.
Some of the products that have been floating in and out of my body (don't want to get too graphic!) are shown below: Left to right:
Amigo juice is a powdered mix that has acai, mangosteen, and goii - it tastes delicious!

Then there's Digest Gold which is a great digestive aid. After all that eating out and authentic Mexican food we ate during vacation, we need to get our digestive tracts back into wack.

Feverfew is just an all around good herbal supplement - good for headaches, digestion, arthritis and more.

Organic Triple Fiber - whew this stuff cleans you out! A blend of organic ground flaxseed, organic acacia fiber and organic (gluten-free) oat bran. 1 scoop 1-3x/day (I've only endured 1 scoop/day and that's enough!). It can be kind of thick, so add extra water if you want, or even try the pill form (I used powdered form).

Apple Cider Vinegar is one that's good for everyday use. For health, mix it with water and honey and drink up. Be careful to use 1 tsp at a time, it's an acquired taste.

Ginger Root - good for nausea and upset stomach, also good for motion sickness.

Mucolytic agent is an expectorant, and this is one that we had for backup, but I didn't have any congestion.

And then there's the OTC Excedrin Migraine (which has the same ingredients and amounts as regular Excedrin headache, so watch their marketing ploys folks!) - I just used 2 geltabs yesterday and that seemed to help. The bottle said only 2 tabs/24 hours which was interesting. It only has 250 mg acetaminophen, 250 mg asprin and 65 mg caffeine per tablet which isn't anything too scary.

Last one I forgot in this pic is Mineral Rich plus Aloe drink. It's actually really tasty and good for you too!

And of course the trusty ice pack!


  1. If "God" is going to cure your headache, why did she give it to you in the first place?

  2. My belief is everything happens for a reason. I probably overexerted myself during our vacation. I don't necessarily believe God gave me a headache; it was probably a result of stress on my body. Or maybe he/she did allow me to get the headache as a way to say, 'hey, slow down'. Medically speaking, according to the chiropractor, several factors (plane ride, sleeping in a different bed, etc) could have caused my spine to get out of alignment and that, along with the tension on the neck muscles caused my head muscles to tighten which was one of the leading factors for the headache. I'm sure medically, the rest and meds helped and the prayer couldn't have made it hurt any worse, so I'm all for prayer. To each his own, that’s what makes this world interesting.
    Thanks for checking out my blog Anonymous!

  3. Ok, I think I need to get some of those natural remedies in my system. When I got here in CK I went straight to the couch until 7:30pm then to bed until the next AM. Today I feel better than yesterday. Almost came back to PO, but figured I'd be sick there or here and could put off the drive until tomorrow. Today I actually came downtown to check my email but head is still stuffy. Hope my kitties are behaving themselves and BoBo is staying out of the closet! Thank you again for taking care of them. Love you,
    Aunt Joyce